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Grow … Nourish … Evolve …

O Baby Bar is a vegan food company sourcing local, organic seasonal foods.

We seek to educate and empower our customers to nourish their bodies and feed their souls.

Our Founder/Nutritionist Ilyse W. Petter, MS teamed with our Holistically trained Executive Chef Miles Wassermann, will please even the youngest of customers with fresh baby purees and our “O Baby Box” prepared lunches for children.

Our full unique menus will please both children and “big kids” as well as Vegans and Carnivores alike!

Currently O Baby Bar is hosting Chef centered meals with cooking demonstrations and Nutrition presentations. These are available either in your home or in an event space.

We are available for catering both for small scale private events as well as for larger community events. Please see information on our next event catering the food for the Storybook Ball, sponsoring the Mill Valley Public Library. Just visit our events page.

O Baby Bar is seeking its permanent home in Mill Valley where our Vegan Cafe can serve our enticing, nutrient dense menu to our Community and continue our lectures, demonstrations and cooking classes in our space.

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O Baby Bar has a vibrant community of followers in Marin.  Join Us !

Sample Our Fabulous Local Organic Food For Yourself.

Healthy Kids Equals ....

Come to our educational classes and learn how to entice your children into loving their veggies

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Schedule a consult with our in house nutritionist for guidance and a custom diet plan

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Innovative Food

Get excited about healthy food and start seeing the benefits

Brings Curiosity

You Won’t Believe It Until You Taste It
OBB People

Our People

Skilled.  Dedicated.  Enthusiastic.

Our Food

Healthy. Delicious. Nutritious.

OBB Mission

Our Mission

To show our children and the wider community how to eat healthy and to make our  knowledge easily obtainable and understandable.

Incredible food: The Proof Is In The Pudding

O Baby Bar is a local community business – we aim to improve the way our kids are eating by encouraging them with taste, texture and color – Its easy when you know how and if you start early enough !

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Educate.  Evolve.  Enlighten.

At O Baby Bar our mission is to not just feed you better but to also explain the science behind it – For example – Why are anti-oxidants good for you and how can you get them in your food naturally ?  We will explain that and much more !